Standard Euro/EPAL/UIC pallet

The pallets are used as a rigid substrate on which smaller packages can be placed and transported in large quantities. They are designed to be easily lifted using forklifts. The dimensions of the pallets is standardized. The means of transport and storage rooms are usually adapted to standard Pallets. The most widespread in Europe is „Euro-pallet”, marked on the side with the inscription „(EUR)”. Weight approx: 25 kg.Euro Pallet was first created in 1950 by the Swedish company BT Industries as a universal pallet for all types of forklifts. In addition, sometimes „pallet raisers” are used – wooden, tight enclosures, covering goods from the sides and from the top. Moreover, Euro Pallet Box can be used – made of plastic or aluminum, with rigid bottom, walls and a closing flap from the top. There are also their isothermal versions, ensuring that a certain temperature is maintained in the interior. The pallet container is pallet integrated with the tank – versions for liquids and loose materials.


Thermal treatment of IPPC / ISPM-15 pallets

Transportation of wooden packaging between countries, for example pallets, boxes, drums, cages or barrels made of raw wood, brings the risk of spreading wood pests that could be a threat to the ecosystem of a given country. Therefore, the ISPM 15 standard has been developed – this is the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM number 15 of the IPPC International Plant Protection Convention, which aims to regulate the international trade of wooden packaging within the European Union and with other countries.

ISPM 15 treatment is carried out as a thermal treatment (HT symbol) – the packaging is subjected to a 56 ° C temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes, which allows effective removal of the hazard. Fumigation with methyl bromide (marked MB) due to the harmfulness of methyl bromide since 18 March 2010 is not allowed in Europe. ISPM treatment 15 of wooden packaging using the thermal method is the safest for both humans and the products themselves, as well as being quick and effective in pests removal.